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Your IT moments
with Popit

Wherever. Whenever. In company or with yourself. It’s always a good time to enjoy our gourmet popcorn. Let yourself go and immerse yourself in the Popit universe: delicacy, sophistication and experience. What is your #PopitMoment?

Popit at breakfast

First thing in the morning or with weekend brunch. It’s always a good way to start. Getting up and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee with a Popit will fill you with energy.

Our suggestions: Double Chocolate, Coffee, Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream.

The most IT aperitif

Vermouth time is the ideal time to enjoy Popit. For this moment, we recommend you opt for the savoury options accompanied by a good wine or a vermouth with Mandarin Popit.

Our suggestions: Mandarin, Blue Cheese, Truffle

At lunchtime?

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen. As many chefs have done, popcorn brings a touch of innovation and glamour to all your recipes. You can add them to salads, foie gras, fish and meat dishes, and don’t forget dessert!

Our suggestions: Violet, Forest Fruits, Truffle, Blue Cheese

A drink with friends?

At home or in your favourite fashionable bar. It’s time for a “well-drunk” drink and a good time with friends. If it is also accompanied by our citrus Popit, sophistication and glamour are guaranteed.

Our suggestions: Fresh Lime and Forest Fruits

Reading moments

A fireplace, a good book and a bowl full of Popit for snacks – one of our favourites! Hours turn into intense minutes of pleasure and relaxation.

Our suggestions: Cherry, Salted Caramel and Salty & Sweety.


Film, Blanket and Popit

Of course you can’t miss it. For many years the “film and blanket” has been a classic and popcorn goes hand in hand. From today, with Popit, popcorn goes to another level with any of our specialities.

Our suggestions: Salty & Sweety, Cookies & Cream, Cinnamon.


In a couple?

Your most romantic moments as a couple now become even more special. Share a glass of champagne and some Popit and let the magic happen. Or if you prefer, you can surprise him or her with one of our gift packs.

Our suggestions: Forest Fruits, Violet and Double Chocolate.


Gift giving

With all our care and love we have designed packaging and gift boxes so that you can turn our Popit into a special gift for any family member or friend. Discover our Limited Edition dedicated to special occasions.

Our suggestions: gift boxes and packs


With your guests?

In all kinds of celebrations and events, your spaces will be decorated with sophistication and glamour when accompanied by Popit.

Thanks to its colour and variety you will make that unforgettable moment for your guests with a delicious, different and innovative snack.

 +  Do you want to prepare the perfect candybar?

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