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Smurf Popcorn


Go for it! Bring out your inner child and add a fun touch to all celebrations with this cotton cloud flavoured popcorn. All children are fascinated by their attractive blue colouring and their evocative vanilla flavour. An ideal gourmet product for gift baskets for newborns and children’s birthdays. Buy it now in our online gourmet products shop.

*The bag in the image corresponds to the 70 gram bag

Bag 30g
Bag 30g
Bag 70g
Bag 70g
Bucket 1000g
Bucket 1000g
Jar 100g
Jar 100g
Jar 200g
Jar 200g
Jar 30g
Jar 30g
Jar 50g
Jar 50g
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Smurf-Gourmet Popcorn.

Smurf sweet popcorn will fill your palate with a soft vanilla flavour and will brighten up the party or birthday of whoever you prefer. You will eat one and you won’t be able to stop because they are handmade with the best corn to get a gourmet product of the highest quality.

Indulge yourself with this sweet blue popcorn and remember that you can combine them with special flavours, such as our Pink Panther popcorn or the delicious Cookies&Cream flavour, perfect for their tender and pleasant flavours. Make with them an unrepeatable gourmet party..

Our Smurf Popcorn will take you back to your childhood with its unmistakable vanilla flavour in an exquisite gourmet product.

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Popit gourmet popcorn is made with a special corn of European origin that makes it have a very special size and shape. For each flavour, different flavourings, colourings or natural ingredients are used to achieve delicious and surprising flavours.

Sugar, corn, liquid glucose, sunflower oil, colouring (E-131), potassium bitartrate, vanilla flavouring, SOYBEAN OIL AND SOYBEAN LECITHIN.
May have adverse effects on activity and attention in children.

Nutritional value per 100g:
Energy value (Kcal/Kj) 433/1808. Fat 8,1g. Of which saturated 1,5g. Carbohydrates 88g. Of which sugars 30g. Protein 2,3g. Salt 0,1g.
Gourmet Popcorn Gourmet Corn
EU origin

Packaging formats:
Bag: 30g., 70g., 1000g.
Jar: 30g., 50g., 100g., 200g.
Bucket: 250g., 1000g.

Storage and use: Store in a cool, dry place.

Expiration date: 6 months in bag and bucket format and 3 months in jar from the date of manufacture.

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Bag 30g, Bag 70g, Bucket 1000g, Jar 100g, Jar 200g, Jar 30g, Jar 50g


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