Picnic Kids Box - Popit Gourmet Popcorn

Picnic Kids Box


The best of Popit for the little ones. Little doses of colour and flavour to surprise any child. The Picnic Kids Box will becomethe best gift for children. Give them a treat and make them happy! Buy it now in our online gourmet products shop.



Picnic Kids Box

Do you know how to make the little ones in the house happy? Give them the gourmet products with the most color from our entire selection and discover the universe of #PopitMoments. Its small format is perfect to give them the pack on a special occasion or celebration.

Online store of gourmet products with the production of products in Spain.

Popit gourmet popcorn is made with a special corn of European origin that makes it have a very special size and shape. For each flavor, various flavorings, colorants or natural ingredients are used to achieve delicious and surprising flavors.


  • Jar 100gr Tutti Frutti
  • Bag 70gr Smurf
  • Bag 70gr Mandarine
  • Bag 70gr Cherry

To change flavors, contact info@popit.es. In that case the price could vary.


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