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Your moments more
it with Popit

Popit at breakfast

First thing in the morning or with weekend brunch. It’s always a good way to start. Getting up and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee accompanied by some Popit will fill you with energy.

Our proposals: Doble chocolateCaféCanelaCookies & Cream.

The most appetizer it

Vermouth time is an ideal time to enjoy it in the company of our Popit. For this moment, we recommend you opt for the salty options accompanied by a good wine or a vermouth with Popit Mandarina.

Our proposals: MandarinaQueso azulTrufa

At lunch time?

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen. As many Chefs have done, popcorn brings a touch of innovation and glamor to all your recipes. You can add them to salads, foies, fish and meat, don’t forget dessert!

Our proposals: VioletaFrutos del bosqueTrufaQueso azul

A drink with friends?

At home or at your favorite fashion store. It is time for a “well placed” drink and to have a good time with friends. If it is also accompanied by our citrus Popit, sophistication and glamor are guaranteed.

Our proposals: Fresh lima y Frutos del bosque

Reading moments

A fireplace, a good book and a bowl full of Popit to snack on. One of our favourites! Hours become intense minutes of pleasure and relaxation.

Our proposals: CerezaSalted & Caramel y Salty & Sweety.

Film, blanket and Popit

Of course you can’t miss it. For many years the great plan “peli y manta” has been a classic and popcorn goes hand in hand. Starting today with Popit, popcorn goes to another level with any of our specialties.

Our proposal: Salty & SweetyCookies & CreamCanela.

In couple?

Your most romantic moments as a couple now become more special. Share a glass of champagne and some Popit and let the magic happen. Or if you prefer, you can surprise him with one of our gift packs.

Our proposal: Frutos del bosqueVioleta y Doble chocolate.

To give away

With all our care and affection we have designed packaging and gift boxes so that you can turn our Popit into a special detail for any family member or friend. Discover our Limited Edition dedicated to special occasions.

Our proposal: cajas y packs regalo.

With your guests?

In all kinds of celebrations and events, your spaces will be decorated with sophistication and glamor if you accompany them with Popit.

Due to its color and its variety, you will make that moment unforgettable for your guests with a delicious, different and innovative snack.

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