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Sonia Pueyo, founder and CEO of Popit

I am Sonia Pueyo, founder and CEO of Popit. I currently reside in Zaragoza, where I dedicate a large part of my time to taking care of my family, my great passion. However, since September 2019, most of my energy and effort have been focused on Popit continuing to grow until it is the reference brand for gourmet popcorn in Spain . My stay abroad, specifically the United Kingdom, was key to betting on a personal project that started as a game among friends.

Fotografía: María Natali

Our continuous travels made us discover years before the fascinating world of popcorn as a snack far beyond the cinema. A natural ingredient such as corn could explode and be a great success if it was combined with artisan and exquisite toppings .

The care of our chefs and the personal involvement of the entire Popit team have been decisive for this 100% Spanish company to decide to undertake this adventure in Zaragoza.

We started by carrying out small production tests in a garage, but after taking to the streets at a Christmas market, we decided to open our production center in our city, where we still carefully make each of the Popit popcorn in an artisanal way today.

We acquire the best machines on the American market and train our team in a leading company in the sector. But something very important remained: to create the popcorn culture in our country.

Innovation and the desire to surprise our customers every month continue to be our daily illusion. This is how our well-known #MomentosPopit were born to enjoy alone or in company.

Popit Showroom

We manufacture Popit, we package your precious Gift Packs and we write your personalized cards by hand in our Showroom in Zaragoza so as not to lose our essence and care for the smallest detail. From there we organize the logistics, we distribute to all the points of sale and to our customers in the online store.

In the space we have a production center, our headquarters, an exhibition of Popit’s best-selling products and some of the customizations for major fashion brands . For us it is very important to stay connected with each of our customers and maintain the special bond that allows us to make each popcorn you try with all our love.

If you want to visit our Showroom, you can enjoy the aroma of freshly made popcorn, taste some flavor and discover our passion: designing new #MomentosPopit.

We are delighted to receive you!

Vía Univérsitas, 2, Zaragoza

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